2019 Log Cabin Workshop (Civil War Camp) October 20-25

Sunday October 20

5:00 PM  –  7:30 PM

2019 Log Cabin Workshop (Civil War Camp) October 20-25 


This program is designed to put period tools in your hands and allow you to work side-by-side with master craftsmen and historians to recreate civil war winter huts on the Montpelier property. Take part in lectures about the history of the building you are recreating, attend site tours with archaeologists and architectural historians and, at the job site, learn and execute historic building techniques.  This year’s program will focus on reconstructing examples of Civil War winter huts located in the woods behind the Gilmore Cabin. These huts will be modeled after archaeological evidence found in the excavations of an encampment occupied by South Carolina troops during the winter just prior to the Wilderness Campaign (May 1864).


This week-long expedition begins Sunday at 5:00pm and ends Friday at 7:30pm.  Those staying in on-site housing will have the option of staying over Friday night and departing Saturday morning.



Montpelier On-Site Housing Options


Arlington House is a historic antebellum house built in the 1840's that is located in a beautiful rural setting on the Montpelier property about 1 mile from the visitor center and about 1.5 miles to the Archaeology Lab.  Adjacent to Arlington House is the oldest standing slave dwelling on the property. Arlington House is a low cost hostel style of housing where participants are assigned a bed in same gender shared bedrooms on the first and second floors. The four bathrooms are shared among all guests in the house.  There is a fully stocked kitchen with 2 full size refrigerators and each participant has an 18" cubby in the dining area for their pantry food items.   A living room, dining room, screened porch, outdoor picnic tables, and laundry machines are available for your use.  The house is heated and air-conditioned.  Bed linens and towels are provided.


Constitution Village is not available for this expedition week.



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